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Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace and Earring Set

  • $ 80.00

These necklaces/ earring sets are simple but elegant. They look great plain, or with Swarovski crystal accents. 

I refine the silver for these myself. I use the scraps of coin silver (90% silver) left over from making silver coin rings. I dissolve the centers that are punched from the coins and the rings that i break or ruin while forming the rings, in nitric acid. After diluting the acid i "cement" the silver from the acid solution using pure copper. Rinsing and drying the "cemented" silver, produces a silver powder that is about 98% pure. By adding enough copper, by weight, back in with the silver powder and melting them together, i am left with sterling silver (92.5%). I actually calculate the percentage to be 94% silver to make sure it is at least 925 sterling.

After refining the silver, I pour the molten sterling into a sand mold and when cooled, I shape and sand them to remove all mold marks. I polish them to a mirror finish and attach them to the findings of your choice.

If you like, I can add a genuine, Swarovski crystal as an accent to this simply elegant design.

We have several colors from which to choose, including your birthstone.

 Please put your crystal color choice in the "comment box" on the order form.

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