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State Quarter rings

State Quarter Coin Rings

  • $ 19.00

I make these hand crafted two sided rings from real United States quarters.

The State Quarter series was started in 1999 and continued through 2008.  Each year, five states were released.  Each unique design honors the history and traditions of the state it represents.  The coins have two dates on them, the date that the coin was released from the mint and the date that the state was admitted into the union.

I use the best quality coins available, most are uncirculated, and use great care to preserve the detail on the inside and outside of each ring that I make.

These coins are "clad", that means they are made of an inner core of copper with outer layers of silver colored nickle-copper alloy. While these coins are not silver they do polish to a very nice shiny finish.

Sizing is free and shipping is included in the amazingly low price.

  • please indicate your size (3 through 12, half sizes included) in the "instructions to seller" box at checkout.

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