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Silver Half Dollar Coin Rings

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I make these beautifully hand crafted coin rings from real U.S. Silver Half Dollars minted before 1965 using 90% fine silver.

From 1892 through 1915 U.S. Half Dollars were designed by the engraver, Charles Barber. This gave them their common name of Barber Halves. These coins are older and somewhat more rare, consequently, I currently don't have them in stock.

From 1916 through 1947 the United States Mint made Walking Liberty Halves from 90% pure silver. The front depicts Lady Liberty walking, draped in the American flag, toward a rising sun. The back has a bald eagle spreading its powerful wings.

In 1948 the likeness of Ben Franklin was used on front of the fifty cent piece and the Liberty Bell is depicted on the back. Minting continued through 1963. These also were minted with 90% silver.

The United States Mint produced the Kennedy Half Dollar to memorialize the beloved president, John F. Kennedy. The back of the coins have a modified version of the presidential seal. They are still in production today but only the coins minted in 1964 were made using 90% fine silver.

Custom whole and half sizes available (8-14). Silver rings come in a beautiful "anti tarnish" pouch (I make these myself) and shipping within the U.S. is included in the remarkably low price.


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